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About Us

DrePool is a New York based company with a wide range of talented professionals in photography, videography, multimedia, and 

web design, 

The Man

Behind the Lens

Andre Vanterpool captures the moments we never knew we needed to feel. Towering over his competition at 6ft 6, his angles are always a cut above the rest. Having fallen in love with both photography and basketball at a young age, Andre has been fortunate enough throughout his life to travel internationally doing both. As a photographer, his D1 collegiate days come in handy when it comes to getting the shot. His background in social work widens his perspective wherever he goes because being able to see people in their most authentic truth, allows their artistic capture to be that much more beautiful.

When Andre is not taking incredible photos, he can be found in a fedora hat, somewhere in the world discovering what matters most. Life has taught him that each and every day is a gift. He wants to continue to create art that reminds people to remain present. 

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